House of Scientists

$ 15.000,00

“House of Scientists”

Size 70×80, material oil on canvas, 2024


To create the painting, the artist took a photo of a real place: the historic district of al-Fahidi (Arabic: حي الرهيدي التاريخي; also known as al-Bastakia) It is a historic district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the three paintings from the series “Fabulous Stories of the East”

It is interconnected with the plot of the paintings: “The Golden Hour” and “The Magic Lamp”.

All of them are united by one story about a scientist-wizard, who we do not see in the paintings.

The action takes place in one of the big capital cities of the East, but the name of which is unknown to us. In this place our young wizard arrived and received a lot of knowledge.

He was the most gifted of all students in the House of Wizard-Scientists.

Inside this house there is a luxurious library with many books. After studying these materials the wizard acquired unique skills and talents.

One day he had found the Magic Lamp in an old closet of this House. He unraveled the secret ancient magic contained in It and with the help of Its power he had acquired the skills of telekinesis. So he could move things and make them fly. It was thanks to this that one day he learned how to fly on a carpet.

He also could control big chess with his power. Many people had come to participate in the game with our wizard.

In the picture we can see the courtyard of the House. Our magician had always been interested in the Moon and of course he needed some equipment. So as we can see there is a globe of the Moon and a telescope.

All his life he dreamed of looking at this Celestial Body closer and showing its beauty to people – he even tried to fly to it on the carpet, but the Moon was too far away.

One moonlight night, the wizard had gathered all his power and, instead of flying towards it, he pulled it closer to Earth! It was an incredibly beautiful view! This historical moment is captured in this painting.

Then the Moon slowly returned to its former place. And since then, every year on the same day, the Moon approaches the House of Wizard-Scientists and people can once again enjoy its light and beauty.


Oil on canvas


70 x 80 cm