Golden Hour

$ 15.000,00

“Golden Hour”

Size 70×80, material oil on canvas, 2023


One of the three paintings from the series “Fabulous Stories of the East”

It is interconnected with the plot of the paintings: “The Magic Lamp” and “The House of Scientists”.

All of them are united by one story about a scientist-wizard, who we do not see in the paintings.

The painting illustrates a small ancient city, which is located at the foot of a mountain on the banks of a deep river.

The Golden Hour is the time at sunset and sunrise, when the sun is almost above the horizon. The sunbeams shine at a strong angle, and the light is soft and diffused.Also the Golden Hour is the time of the day when real miracles can happen!

It was at such a moment when a talented child was born in this city, who was destined to become a powerful wizard and scientist.

The warm velvet golden light of the sunbeams gives the whole landscape an incredible beauty. The water in the river flows slowly, and the water surface reflects everything around like a mirror.

In this picture we can see the city – this is the birthplace of our magician, the carpet merchant from the painting “The Magic Lamp”. He grew up in this small town by the river.

They say that our hero’s father was a famous physician and astrologer.

Our hero had studied science from an early age, he showed incredible abilities and was interested in magic. One day a wise man from distant countries came to their city, where he saw this talented boy and took him to study in a big city, so that’s how he got into the house of scientists.


Oil on canvas


70 x 80 cm