The Magic Lamp

$ 15.000,00

“The Magic Lamp”

Size 70×80, material oil on canvas, 2023


One of the three paintings from the series “Fabulous Stories of the East”

It is interconnected with the plot of the paintings: “The Magic Lamp” and “The House of Scientists”.

All of them are united by one story about a scientist-wizard, who we do not see in the paintings.

The action in the painting takes place at the foot of the mountain, on top of which there is an ancient fortress.

There is an old house near the river, and its owner sells carpets. We can’t see the owner of the house, perhaps he is now in a secret room on the second floor, where a stone staircase leads.

We see the carpet hovering above the ground at a low height. Is it a trick or a mirage?

No, it’s magic.

It’s been rumored in the district that the owner of the house was once a famous scientist-wizard who had lived and worked under the patronage of one of the most powerful rulers of the East. It is also said that his experiments in science and magic amazed the imagination of his contemporaries. But one day he left the domain of his patron, taking only one thing – the Magic Lamp  and with Its power he could fly.

Since then, people have been coming here from all over the world to see the wonders he makes.

Now, perhaps he’s planning to go on a trip on his Magic Carpet again.

Therefore, the carpet is already floating in the air, and the Magic Lamp is waiting for its owner, as is his friend, the Cat, who always travels with him.






Oil on canvas


70 x 80 cm