Genghis Khan fountain pens

$ 3.450,00


Limited edition of 88 fountain pens and 88 roller pens


Acrylic resin, Stamping on silver, Inlayed artificial stones, Silver , Gold plated, Hand painted, 18K gold nib


The Oriental-style Genghis-Khan pen is a luxurious and worthy tribute to one of the greatest military leaders in human history. The pen body is decorated with a miniature painting depicting the commander riding, his horse into action holding his sword with a steady hand. However, the main feature is a silver lid representing the Mongolian warrior's headdress decorated with gold plating, rubies and crystals and the clip in the form of his Yataghan sword!
As a luxurious product, your writing instrument has to be handled with care. In order to preserve its beauty, it is not recommended that you plug the cap on the barrel of your pen.