On behalf of Sankom and Bingyol’s we take immense pleasure of inviting you to attend the solo exposition of the contemporary artist Manuela Mollwitz, who delights the guests with her exceptional collection of OTTO the dachshund, paintings, sculptures and jewelry.

A morally sustainable ART can make the difference and reinforce inner serenity if oriented to the value of beauty and responsibility towards the planet. 

The concept of the dachshund was born in the heart of Switzerland, from the gratitude for Manuela’s dog and the intention to make it immortal. 

OTTO to be a very optimistic piece. It creates connections with those around it.

“BIG OTTO ON TOUR” is a Public Urban Art Project which expects an emotional involvement from the public as OTTO recalls the unbridled optimism and wonder of a puppy.


Friday, 9th of August 2019

2 pm until 7 pm, by invitation only

Public openings

Saturday, 10th of August, 5 pm until 7 pm 

Sunday, 11th of August, by appointment

ART SANKOM SHOWROOM “AU PONT 1637” – Rue de la Moliere 2 – CH-2800 Delémont

RSVP: info@bingyols.com 


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