1st of July 2021 Auction House Bingyol’s hold an evening auction “Where the dreams lead. Interior decisions”.

Through lots of paintings you could see the works of AMOUR (Artak Muradyan) and MOKO (MOKO Hachatryan).

Artak Muraduan works under the pseudonym AMOUR (fr.”Love”). You could see AMOUR’s works in various art collections on all continents except Antarctica. There are more than 3000 works in private collections. The paintings were exhibited at the Central House of Artists and the Manezh (Moscow). Also in galleries in the USA: Las Vegas (Nevada), San Diego (California), even at the Art Center by Pierre Cardin (Paris) and at the international exhibition in the Louvre (Paris). We can continue the list of his achievements for ages but for what if you can see his paintings!

MOKO, also a pseudonym, and the person hiding behind it is Mariam Khachatryan. The creative name of Mariam was invented by his father, the famous artist Rudolf Khachatryan. She is so used to the name that she doesn’t even respond to Mariam.

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