Medici fountain pens

$ 11.500,00


Limited edition of 5 fountain pens and 5 rollerball pens.


Italian Bordo Acrylic, hand-painted lacquered miniature, 18k gold trim, 18k gold nib.


The Medici Pen encapsulates the profound impact of the Medici family, the dynastic power that revolutionized Florence and the wider European landscape. Renowned for their transformative role in European banking during the 14th century, the Medicis amassed immense wealth, enabling their political ascendancy and unparalleled support for the arts. This patronage ignited the flames of the Renaissance, an era marked by extraordinary creativity and intellectual expansion. Celebrating their support of icons like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, whose works now grace the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace, this pen is a homage to their unwavering dedication to cultural richness. Beyond the arts, their influence permeated the Catholic Church, contributing to the rise of four Medici popes and extending their legacy across Europe. The marriage of Catherine de’ Medici to King Henry II of France further signifies their international influence. Their sponsorship of Galileo Galilei underscores their commitment to scientific progress, harmoniously intertwined with their artistic patronage. The Medici is a symbol of excellence and a legacy that transcends time.