Tikran Bayat is an Armenian-Dutch painter and sculptor, and an honorary member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia. He specializes in metal art, wall art, abstract sculptures and installations, his work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions across Europe and the Middle East.

The artist explores various themes, capturing the beauty of female courage and confidence, the lover’s devotion, and a gymnast’s persuit of perfection. Through his art, Tikran Bayat invites viewers to pause and reflect on what matters in life, highlighting the importance of positivity, kindness, and living in harmony with nature.

His sculptures are characterized by a prevalent sense of movement and crafted using brass, lead, marble, steel and natural stones. Bayat strives to evoke emotions and provoke critical thinking. “I find inspiration in nature, human kindness, and the positive spirit of love” he says “Every person’s path is unique yet at our core, we are all the same and our journey is in pursuit of love, inner peace and happiness”