White Moth

$ 4.500,00

The painting “White Moth,” was created in an inspired flurry. It depicts an era of transformation alongside unbridled inspiration. White butterflies, representing ideas, converge around a woman’s head. A fine veil serves as a boundary between the external and internal worlds, subtly hinting at the depth of her spiritual realm and burgeoning inner potential, ready to erupt into the ever-changing reality.

The vibrant, pulsating red dress embodies the outer world, symbolizing life, authority, and the flow of events. The painting’s lower section, drenched in red, mirrors the terrestrial realm, whereas its upper portion, bathed in heavenly light, unveils the spiritual domain.

The white moth emerges as a symbol of enlightenment, renewal, and liberation—a charm for immortality and transformation. Traditionally, the portrayal of butterflies within an interior is thought to foster romantic bonds, enhance prosperity, and realize deepest dreams.