Golden King

$ 13.500,00

On the painting of “Golden King” is depicted a majestic rider, his body seemingly petrified under a layer of shimmering golden scales, reflecting the sunlight in a thousand shades. The golden fins on his legs sparkle brighter than anything else, reminding of his divine origin. He sits astride a sea horse, his golden cloak, as if woven from sunbeams, billows in the wind, creating a whirl of golden glints. His gaze is filled with power and determination, wisdom of ages shining in his eyes. Around him, there’s an aura of magic and joy, as if the very essence of the elements submits to his will. The interconnection of the four elements in complete harmony and balance creates a sense of unstoppable strength and grandeur.


Acrylic on canvas


120 x 120 x 2.5 cm