Albino Lions

$ 5.700,00

According to the legend of African tribes, many years ago, the entire human race was struck by cruel diseases, misfortunes, hardships. People on their own could not cope with the wrath of Nature, so they began to pray. The gods took pity and sent the White Lion to earth. The majestic beast descended from heaven and helped unfortunate people overcome all troubles. The sacred messenger Healed the human race and left, but promised to return when the danger reappeared.

Legends of Africa keep this beautiful story to these days. It was believed that the white lion is only the fantasy of African tribes for many hundreds of years. Confirmation of the existence of these amazing animals was found only at the end of the twentieth century. Currently, there are only 300 white lions in the world, which live in the giant Sanbon reserve – in the west of South Africa.


Acrylic on canvas


60 x 60 cm