Kristina Poliakova, a Cypriot imaginary artist, began her artistic journey in Belarus, her childhood home, where her mother’s encouragement unveiled the art world to her. After studying at the Glebov Art College, she ventured to Greece and eventually settled in Cyprus, where she lived for over 23 years. She considers herself a versatile artist, working across various styles and focusing on creating paintings in the imaginary art style.

Inspired by the enigmatic mystery of the world around her, Kristina draws inspiration from nature, the cosmos, unexpected human encounters, and profound experiences during her travels. Ideas often come to her while wandering through cities or gazing at the sea in contemplative moments, where she finds a stream of energy and information ready to be revealed. Signs and symbols encountered become integral parts of her creativity, embedding hidden messages and puzzles that resonate throughout her life.

Kristina furthered her education in Florence at the Polimoda Institute of Fashion, where she gained colossal skill and a revolutionary approach to art by incorporating elements of the Renaissance, scale, and the use of embroidery and costumes into her works. Exploring a fusion of figurative work, modern surrealism, and imaginary art, Kristina crafts a unique blend that navigates the delicate line between reality and the fantastical.

She mainly uses acrylics and explores various techniques, blending art across canvas, fabric, and décor. Her work integrates art, decor, and fashion, often featuring embroidered dresses and detailed jewelry. Drawn to texture, Kristina expresses herself through volumetric paste and diverse fabrics. Digital illustration is another passion, allowing her to create anywhere, even mid-flight, resulting in some of her favorite pieces being sky-high.

Kristina’s work is in private collections across Cyprus, China, Dubai, America, India, Italy, and Greece.