My name is Lyubov M and I am the author of the Vitrarto artistic technique, which has become an integral part of my creative philosophy. Born and raised in Moscow, she received a degree in biotechnology, but continued her studies at the British Higher School of Art and Design on a course in graphic design and illustration. At the same time, she mastered the art of stained
glass and batik.

As a result, at the intersection of different arts and crafts, on the basis of an education closely related to chemistry, there emerged its own technique of working with glass asa canvas.
This technique allows you to turn glass into a multi-level artistic canvas, filling it with space, texture and light. Its essence lies in the painstaking application of dozens of layers of a wide variety of artistic materials onto glass: acrylic, jewelry resins, the thinnest metal foil, all kinds of varnishes. It is this layer-by-layer application that makes it possible to convey the texture of a tangible relief of a bird’s feather, reptile scales, and an insect wing.

The idea of such a jewelry technique of painting arose as a counterpoint to the trends of modern art, when a bewildered viewer is offered either a cut, or spattered, or painted canvas, as the pinnacle of artistic creativity, the essence of which is supposedly not accessible to the understanding of the common man. Vitrarto painting has its own way, it is not a mass culture, but unique works, conducive to chamber interaction, reflection and admiration.