Sculptor Karen Terzyan was born in 1962 was Armenia. In 1986, he received his B.E. in Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Georgia. Terzyan’s work has had exhibitions in New York City, Warsaw, Yerevan and Amsterdam. His work can also be found in private collections in Los Angeles and in Yerevan.

“In my work I persuade people to feel like a flower or a tree, for instance. This cleanses and soothes the soul as if feeling the ground under your feet.
Bronze, my main material, gives a feeling of eternity.
Also when contemplating a piece, each time you will see a different work depending on your state.
The magic is that when you look at the work, you see yourself.
The integrity of a person is rooted in identity with fauna and flora. Only this triple union is doomed to life. The sweeping dominance of man is fraught with consequences.”

Karen Terzyan (TERZO)
Yerevan (Armenia) 2000
Paris(France) 2001
Germany ( Berlin) 2002
Moscow (Russia) 2002
Paris(France) 2003
Check Republican (Prague) 2005
Warsaw (Poland) 2007
Krinitsa (Poland) 2007
New York (USA) 2017
Los Angeles (USA) 2017
Los Angeles (USA) 2018
Moscow (Russia) 2019
Los Angeles (USA) 2019
Yerevan (Armenia) 2019
Terzo also works with collectors but most prefer to remain private.

Process: Terzo has developed a unique process that transforms plants into bronze. Since there are no two identical plants in nature, all his works are unique.
There are no stamps or moulds.

Terzo is motivated to remind people of their essence, as part of the world rather than dominant over it. By depicting a person in the form of a tree or combined with plants he would like to stimulate feelings and thoughts of earthly integrity, of how humankind and the world are connected.